About (a later cloud heap of skandhas named and named again) Me

May you be happy! May you be free from suffering! May you be at ease!

My name is Kusa. In the summer of 2014, after completing the Maitreya Buddhist Seminary under the guidance of Ven. Haju Sunim, I ordained as a lay Dharma Teacher. I remain affiliated with the Buddhist Society for Compassionate Wisdom (founded by Ven. Samu Sunim) both as a lay Dharma Teacher and as a continuing student of the Dharma and Korean Sŏn Buddhism.

I am also a secular teacher/student. After completing my doctorate in philosophy from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, I taught as a lecturer at Colorado College and University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. Currently I teach English at a public high school in Colorado Springs. As part of the transition, I went back to taking undergraduate classes in English and graduate classes in Education. Everyday I become a student of the teenagers in my classroom, learning what makes them come alive and what puts them to sleep. Everyday the individual minds and energies that come crashing together in the classroom humble me!

This blog brings together all these streams into one mighty river! Well – sometimes this blog will be but a trickling mighty river. Remember, I am a public school teacher and my students are my priority. What I mean, however, is that this blog will bring together philosophical analysis with Dharma practice and study. These realms of thought and practice are not antithetical. Indeed, a brief read through the major texts of Buddhism, Sŏn/Chán/Zen Buddhism, and Korean Sŏn Buddhism is evidence enough that our greatest Buddhist teachers have been nothing less than great philosophers. I humbly submit my voice into this genre of Buddhist writing, expecting to stumble along the path that has been discovered and re-discovered by our female and male ancestors.

As I mentioned before in the previous “About Me” post, I approach and share the Dharma with open heart, open mind, and open hands. Your feedback on the posts, whether personal or academic in nature, is greatly appreciated.

And I still think the following captures a fragment of the Dharma path we walk in our everyday lives. We move through this world bounded by our surroundings, our culture, our habit energies, and so much more. Yet the Dharma encourages us to live with boundless heart and mind. The title of this blog – With(out) Bounds – reflects this subtle dance between boundedness and boundlessness. It also reflects the general spirit in which I approach the Dharma: as an imperfect human being vowing to cultivate the Buddha Way in body, speech, and mind.

Thank you for reading!

Note: This is the new “About Me” section for this blog, but I thought I would post it here as a general announcement of what is to come.


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