Working with the Diamond

OK – after some unexpected emergencies, travels, and weeks spent dancing with new sutras, I am back and ready to explore this new turn in my Dharma studies with all of you.

My first year studies focused on the life of the Buddha and the great disciples.  The second year is primarily about Prajnaparamita Sutras and other foundational Mahayana Sutras, such as the Platform Sutra.  For starters, I am working with the Diamond Sutra…but perhaps it is best to say I am struggling with it as it works on me.

Over the past many weeks, I have been at a loss with how to blog about this new direction in my studies.  An element has been lost in the last year that I want to bring back to the forefront: practice.  Haju Sunim would always ask after anything we read or studied, “And how are you going to practice that?”  I sometimes hated that question.  I see in it the light of the Diamond.  So now I want to ask here: How can we practice the Diamond Sutra?

Not an easy question, but worth struggling with.  Of course, I hope to also post about translations, multiple translations, and other musings on the Buddhadharma – but I hope all of you help to keep the discussion focused on practice by nudging me when I go astray (or get lazy).

More on all of this as the weeks progress.

May this find you asking, “How can I enliven my practice today?  Where is it stale?  Where is it alive?  Where is it just so?”

2 thoughts on “Working with the Diamond”

  1. Yes – another good point as to why I have not been posting: I cannot assume everyone has read the Diamond Sutra! So I will work to post about sections I can just cut and paste – as well as find free online translations and link to them for those that are interested.

    Thank you for the response!

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