Dhammapada, Stanza 28

Version 1:

When the wise one by awareness expels unawareness,
Having ascended the palace of wisdom,
[That one], free from sorrow, steadfast,
The sorrowing folk observes, the childish,
As one standing on a mountain
Observes those standing on the ground below.

Version 2:

When the wise person[s] drive out
with heedfulness,
having climbed the high tower
of discernment,
[they] observe the sorrowing crowd —
as the enlightened [ones],
having scaled
a summit,
the fools on the ground below.

Version 3:

Just as one upon the summit of a mountain beholds the groundlings, even so when the wise [one] casts away heedlessness by heedfulness and ascends the high tower of wisdom, this sorrowless sage beholds the sorrowing and foolish multitude.

(Note: Version 1 is from the John Ross Carter and Mahinda Palihawadana translation. Version 2 is from the Thanissaro Bhikkhu translation. Version 3 is from the Acharya Buddharakkhita translation.  Changes made to the text in order to achieve gender neutrality are marked with brackets.)

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