Dhammapada, Stanza 27

Version 1:

Engage not in unawareness
Nor in intimacy with sensual delight.
Meditating, the one who is aware
Attains extensive ease.

Version 2:

Don’t give way to heedlessness
or to intimacy
with sensual delight —
for a heedful person,
absorbed in jhana,
attains an abundance of ease.

Version 3:

Do not give way to heedlessness. Do not indulge in sensual pleasures. Only the heedful and meditative attain great happiness.

(Note: Version 1 is from the John Ross Carter and Mahinda Palihawadana translation. Version 2 is from the Thanissaro Bhikkhu translation. Version 3 is from the Acharya Buddharakkhita translation.  Changes made to the text in order to achieve gender neutrality are marked with brackets.)

One thought on “Dhammapada, Stanza 27”

  1. A friend said yesterday, speaking of the objectification of others:

    “It’s like walking past a movie theater and glancing at the posters, but refusing to walk inside.”

    We can notice how the mind turns toward sensual delight but we don’t have to engage in sensual delight. We don’t need to walk into that theater.

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