The Hospice Truth

Earlier this week I met with a volunteer coordinator at a hospice care center.  The center does in-home care, long-term care in their hospital facility, and emergency care.

During our conversation, she asked me what I thought ‘hospice’ meant.  After responding, she said frankly, “Yes, everyone here is dying.”

I appreciated her honesty and directness.  Literally, you are admitted to hospice care (at this center) if you are diagnosed at nine months or less to live.  Everyone is dying there.  There is no hiding from it.

If we could only practice this kind of radical honesty moment after moment, what do you think would unfold?

For all the beings in hospice care, for all the sick and wounded, for the cold and unsheltered, for those on the streets and those in their homes, for the living and the dying, for those who are awake and those who are asleep and those who are neither awake nor asleep…

…three deep bows, three deep bows, three deep bows…

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