I spent some time traveling recently.  There is always a reluctance on my part to practice when traveling.  I feel as though I am on a break.  The circumstances are constantly changing and usually cramped (cheap traveling + more than one person traveling = small rooms).  And a desire to do new things and put aside old things sets in.

So I was fortunate in the face of this delusive thinking to read a set of verses from the Sutta Nipata that helped me to see my behavior for what it was.  I offer them to you.


Arise! Sit up! What need have you of sleep? For what rest is there for the sick, pierced by the barb, and hurt?

Arise! Sit up! Train yourselves hard for peace. May the king of death, knowing you to be negligent, not delude you so that you come under his influence.

Cross over this attachment, tied to which and desiring which devas and men remain in existence. Let not the opportunity pass you by, for those who have missed the opportunity grieve when consigned to hell.

Negligence is defilement; defilement arises from negligence; by vigilance and knowledge one should pluck out one’s own barb.

(From The Rhinoceros Horn and Other Early Buddhist Poems (Sutta Nipata), translated by K. R. Norman, p. 56)

2 thoughts on “Arousal”

  1. I know the mind that wants a “break.” Funny how we set out on a path (that we’ve *chosen*) that promises liberation but we secretly want liberation from the path. What’s that about??

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