What is a Great Disciple?

So I am resurfacing into the blogosphere after nearly two months of intensive and utterly rewarding teaching.  To get some life back into this blog, I will be posting (in a number of installments) a brief report on some of my Dharma student studies that I just wrote for the seminary program I am part of.

The report is on the topic: What is a great disciple?  The substance of the report is an extended paraphrase of Bhikkhu Bodhi’s “Editor’s Introduction” to Great Disciples of the Buddha: Their Lives, Their Works, Their Legacy. Hopefully this information will be useful to all of us practitioners and non-practitioners who browse and read the many wonderful Buddhist blogs out there.  (And all practitioners and non-practitioners generally, but those not reading online will miss out for now.)  This report and the subsequent posts based on it are not so much drawn directly from personal experience, but the implications for personal practice, no matter your tradition, are vast indeed.

The posts will start next week after the Sunday Dhammapada translation.  May this message find you doing well and enjoying a lovely Saturday in your part of the world.

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