For the Working Buddhas

Recently, I began teaching.  I have a temporary adjunct position for the months of November and December when I will be teaching Logic and Metaphysics.  My days have gone from the loosely flowing schedule of a graduate student to the strict schedule of a teacher who is in the classroom five days a week.  Needless to say, this might explain a little of my silence on this blog over the past couple of weeks.

For me, the experience so far has been eye opening regarding practice.  So, for all of you Buddhas who find the time and energy to practice, whatever your practice may be, in the face of work, busy schedules, taking care of and raising children, of sickness and disabilities, in the face of discrimination, oppression, as well as joys and successes – three deep bows to you! How many people have kept alive this Dharma through the years – and through circumstances that lead one to the brink of just walking away from practice.  How easy it is to do that!  How difficult it can be to really find at least five minutes to practice when a day seems filled to the brim!

Thank you for keeping this practice alive through your sitting, your walking, your resting, your blog posts, your Dharma talks, your acts of kindness and generosity, your breathing and your smiling!

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