Hello World!

So I am back from a month or so away and as I was getting ready to post this, the following verse from the Heart Sutra would not go away:

The Bodhisattva holds onto nothing but Prajnaparamita.
Therefore the mind is clear of any delusive hinderance.
Without hinderance there is no fear;
Away from all perverted views one reaches final Nirvana.

I offer it up to you today.  May you roll around in Prajnaparamita and, as Haju Sunim has said on occassion, live a life that is hopeless and fearless.

As for this blog, I will be posting about the Great Disciples of the Buddha for a little bit.  Also, my life has become slightly full in other dimensions with teaching and job hunting, so posting might be a little infrequent.  Thank you for your patience in advance!

October is here, the grass is dry and pale, hands are cold in the shade and warm in the sun, and in the morning the mountains are blood red at the first light.  May this post find you well, happy, and at ease!

2 thoughts on “Hello World!”

    1. Thank you for this comment. I sometimes fall into the one sided view of fear being at the root without actually doing the dirty work of investigating if this is so. It is refreshing to hear you say there is a wish behind fear. It wakes me up from dogma.

      And what might there behind the wish?

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