Dhammapada, Stanza 15

Version 1:

Here they grieve; having passed away they grieve;
In both places the wrongdoers grieve.
They grieve; they are afflicted,
Having seen the stain of their own actions.

Version 2:

Here they grieve
they grieve hereafter.
In both worlds
the wrong-doers grieve.
They grieve, they’re afflicted,
seeing the corruption
of their deeds.

Version 3:

The evil-doers grieve here and hereafter; they grieve in both the worlds. They lament and are afflicted, recollecting their own impure deeds.


Real transformation is possible, Buddha-hood is attainable, but we must see the stain, the corruption, the impurity of our actions before any transformation can occur.  For a lion’s roar regarding this, see The Ox.

(Note: Version 1 is from the John Ross Carter and Mahinda Palihawadana translation. Version 2 is from the Thanissaro Bhikkhu translation. Version 3 is from the Acharya Buddharakkhita translation. I have made significant changes throughout in both pronouns and verbs for a neutral gender reading.)

2 thoughts on “Dhammapada, Stanza 15”

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting!

      Yah, when I read the verse for this week, I was surprised to see how it resonated with your post on Monday.

      Looking forward to reading your blog this week…a very potent topic that we need to look deeply into together…not easy, but part of the process of transformation…

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