Getting Stuck in Spiritual Practice

Or, as I was going to title this post: Picking Up Poop While Asleep!

This morning I took my dog out for a walk.  It is useful for both of us – he can relieve himself and chase squirrels and I can get out of bed and into the fresh morning air.

Today, I needed extra effort since I was more sluggish than usual.  So I chanted the Great Compassion Dharani while taking Charlie (the dog) for a walk.  Why not draw on Dharma energy to get me going?

After Charlie did his business, I went down to clean it up.  There I was chanting and picking up poop, when a runner turned the corner and said ‘hello’.  Was I startled!  I was so focused on picking up the poop and chanting I had lost awareness of anything else going on!

The forms of spiritual practice can be energizing, but they can also be debilitating.  Chanting, sitting, prostrating, picking up poop – there is a fine line between being fully awake and so immersed that you are really asleep.

May we walk this line with great curiosity and just enough doubt to keep us alive to where we stand each moment!

Thank you for reading!  Thank you for your practice!

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