Thank you, Ānanda…

Thank you, Ānanda, for letting the weeping women present at the Blessed One’s funeral be the first ones to salute his remains.

Thank you, Ānanda, for arguing on behalf of Mahāpajāpatī and the other women, for helping the Buddha to see that they too should be given the going forth, that they were one in the Dhamma alongside the bhikkhus.

At the conclusion of the first council, which consisted of five hundred bhikkhus, Ānanda was admonished for letting women be the first to salute the Blessed One’s remains. He was admonished for interesting himself in the going forth of women in the Dhamma and the Discipline proclaimed by the Perfect One. Out of faith in the venerable ones, the venerable Ānanda acknowledged these acts (and others) as wrongdoings.

And with this, a final thank you. Thank you, Ānanda, for having faith in the venerable ones and in the unity of the Sangha.

(Note: These events from the first council can be found in Bhikkhu Nānamoli’s The Life of the Buddha, pages 339 – 340.)

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