First Enlightenment, then…?

In the next few posts, we will follow the Buddha’s post Enlightenment journey, following him as he moves from the root of one tree to the root of another during the first few weeks of his Enlightenment.   If the question What would I do if I was enlightened? ever occurred to you, there is no better guide than the root of our great practice, the Buddha himself.

Indeed, I find the descriptions of the post Enlightenment period of the Buddha very instructive when it comes to demystifying our practice.  Understanding Enlightenment is most likely beyond description and something that can only be attained through direct experience.  This makes it ripe for all sorts of misconceptions, many of which I have bought into!  Looking at the Buddha’s story – the story of an Enlightened One – is a good guide towards understanding this path in its beginning, its middle, and its end, even if this guide can only be an indirect one at best.

And for those of us on this path that strive in our own way for the relief of suffering of all beings irrespective of what we think about the Big-E, the Buddha’s story can inspire and comfort us as we face challenges that are not unlike those faced by the Enlightened One himself!

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