Bhikkhu Nānamoli and the Life of the Buddha

This week I am starting another book on the Buddha’s life.  The Life of the Buddha is written and arranged by Bhikkhu Nānamoli.  The book presents the Buddha’s life as related by the Pāli Canon and some commentaries.  The interesting feature of this book is Bhikkhu Nānamoli’s introduction of voices or speakers.  There are six voices: two narrators that set up events, one voice that corresponds to Ānanda, another to Upāli (who recited the Vinaya at the first council after the Buddha’s Parinirvana), yet another voice to someone from or after the first council when the Pāli Canon was formed, and a chanter for the poems, verses, epics, and hymns found in the Canon.  With these voices, the book reads like a program you might hear on the radio.  If only it were performed this way!

Since I have just started it, I cannot say much about it yet.  But for those interested in the life of the Buddha, this is another source that comes highly recommended and has been enjoyable to read so far.

(Note: To purchase the book, click on the following link – The Life of the Buddha by Bhikkhu Nānamoli.)

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